Top 8 Best Headphones for Kids of 2023 Review & Buying Guide

Why would kids need a specialized set of headphones? Besides having smaller heads that require a better fit, their hearing is different too. Children’s hearing can pick up higher frequencies than adults. Therefore, it’s important to keep their ears protected.

The main reason for hearing loss is prolonged exposure to audio at high levels. As you can imagine, headphones could easily play a part in that. This means, choosing the correct set of headphones for a child plays an important role in maintaining their hearing capabilities.

That’s why we decided to review the best headphones for kids currently on the market, so let’s go through them and find the perfect option for your kids…

Top 8 Best Headphones for Kids of 2023 Review & Buying Guide

Top 8 Best Headphones for Kids on the Market in 2023 Reviews

  1. LilGadgets LGUT03BE – Best Wireless Headphones for Kids
  2. Zamkol ZH100 – Best Long Battery Life Headphones for Kids
  3. Kaysent KHP0 – Best Budget Headphones for Kids
  4. Noot K11 – Best Wired Headphones for Kids
  5. Ailihen I35 – Best Low Volume Headphones for Kids
  6. Snug Play+ – Best Fun Design Headphones for Kids
  7. Sonitum – Best Classroom Headphones for Kids
  8. GBD Unicorn Cat – Best Novelty Headphones for Kids

1 LilGadgets LGUT03BE – Best Wireless Headphones for Kids

These cool headphones from LilGadgets come in a huge range of designs that kids will love. Choices include black, blue, green, pink, purple, white, digital camo, far-out doodles, rainbow cat, and snow camo. As a result, your child should have no problem finding a pair they like.

In addition to the exciting range of designs, there are more great features. Designed to fit comfortably on children’s heads aged four years and older, it will be hard to get them to take these wireless headphones off.

Comfortable and convenient…

A comfortable fit can be maintained for growing children with the adjustable and flexible design. Likewise, the soft-touch padding around the earpieces and headband makes sure there is no irritation. So, this will help keep fidgeting to a minimum.

Using Bluetooth 4.0, you can connect to any compatible device, including smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, thanks to SharePort technology, multiple sets of LilGadgets headphones can easily be connected to the same device.

Specially designed…

A maximum volume level of 93db means that sensitive ears are protected from potential hearing loss. Although the volume is limited, the sound quality is still fantastic. The 40mm drivers produce a frequency response of between 20Hz and 20kHz.

Additionally, the built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 12 hours of playback. And approximately 180 hours of standby time from a single charge. Plus, the quality in-built microphone makes these some of the best facetime and zoom headphones for kids you will find.

LilGadgets LGUT03BE

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Huge range of kid-friendly designs and colors.
  • Tuned specifically for sensitive children’s ears.
  • Comfortable padding for the ears and head.


  • Small size may not fit larger children.
  • Impatient kids might not like the two to three hour charging time.

2 Zamkol ZH100 – Best Long Battery Life Headphones for Kids

These well-designed headphones from Zamkol will make any kid happy. While they are only available in one color, they are still bright and fun. The headphones come in a happy blue color, with the ear and head cushions a pleasant tan.

As we know, children have a way of putting products through their paces, so they need to be built tough. Zamkol is aware of this and has ensured that these headphones can take pretty much anything small people can throw at them.

Stay wireless longer…

Pairing to devices like smartphones and tablets can be done using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This not only provides a stable and reliable signal but also uses less power, making batteries last longer.

A built-in rechargeable 500mHa battery can offer up to 40 hours of playback, or about 600 songs off a single charge. Recharging the headphones using the included USB cable takes approximately two hours to complete.

Quality and comfortable sound…

Taking care of those young ears with a limited volume level of 85db. When they get older, there is a secret button that can boost the maximum volume level to 95db. Audio comes from a 40mm driver on each ear, providing a rich, clear sound.

You’ll find premium cushioning around the earmuff and underneath the headband. To maintain the best fit, the headband is stretchable with metal arms for added durability and strength. In turn, these are some of the most durable headphones for kids on the market.

Zamkol ZH100

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • Long battery life from a two hour charge.
  • Secret volume boost button.


  • No choice in colors or designs.
  • No option for a wired connection.

3 Kaysent KHP0 – Best Budget Headphones for Kids

Perhaps you are a teacher or run some type of after-school activities. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could teach the kids in a quiet environment? Well, these specially designed kids headphones from Kaysent are available in bulk.

Perfect for use in the classroom, on the school bus, on an airplane, or anywhere you choose. Each pack contains ten sets, with two of each in blue, green, orange, purple, and white.

Plug and play…

These are not wireless headphones like our previous products and do require a headphone socket. At the end of the 4-foot (122 centimeters) cable is a 3.5mm audio jack. It’s compatible with most smartphones, tablets, PCs, and media players.

Each set of headphones comes individually packaged to ensure the highest hygiene standards. If handing them out to students, then they can be assured that they are receiving their own fresh, original set of headphones.

Tough and comfortable…

Around each earpiece, there is padding for extra comfort. Likewise, the headband being also completely adjustable. The variation in sizes means that these headphones can be used by both children and adults. Therefore, these are also some of the best fitting headphones for kids.

The flexible plastic material used in construction means that this product can easily take daily use from children. The earpieces can also swivel, making sure the best fit is possible while still providing high-quality stereo sound.

Kaysent KHP0

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Highly affordable bulk pack.
  • Comfortable fit with padding and multiple adjustments.
  • Quality stereo sound.


  • No volume limit for protecting ears.
  • Wired operation only.

4 Noot K11 – Best Wired Headphones for Kids

For slightly bigger kids and even teenagers, these headphones from Noot might just be the thing. Available in a funky range of bright, fun colors, there is sure to be a pair to suit all types of personalities.

Choices include black, mint, navy, skyline blue, and soft pink. It’s not just the attractive design that’s appealing either. These headphones will provide comfort, portability, and superior sound quality at an affordable price.

Compatible with most devices…

At the end of the 5-foot (152 centimeters) nylon braided tangle-resistant cord is a 3.5mm audio jack. This will plug into most devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and media players. However, for iPhone 7 and above you’ll need a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter.

Once plugged in, you’ll receive crisp and clear stereo sound to a maximum of 93db so as not to blast young ears. In each earpiece, there is a 40mm driver providing between 20Hz and 20kHz of frequency response.

Padded and foldable…

Sitting across the head is a padded headband that is fully adjustable to a large range of sizes. Metal arms give added strength and durability and can also fold, making bringing the headphones on journeys easy. Meaning, these are some of the most comfortable headphones for kids that you can buy.

The ear cups are coated in plush synthetic leather, which not only provides a comfortable fit but blocks out ambient noise. Don’t worry, they’re not noise-canceling, so your teenager can still hear you ask them to take out the trash.

Noot K11

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Nylon braided tangle-resistant cord.
  • Adjustable and foldable design.
  • Comfortable padding around head and ears.


  • No microphone function.
  • Maximum volume too high for very young kids.

5 Ailihen I35 – Best Low Volume Headphones for Kids

Next in our Best Headphones for Kids reviews, these awesome kids headphones from Ailihen are packed with features that any child will love. These headphones come in a range of fun colors, fit comfortably on kids’ heads, and feature useful technology.

Choose a fun color combination of black and orange, blue and purple, gray and green, black and pink, blue and green, teal and blue, or purple and pink. There’s sure to be a color that will get your kids excited.

Just for kids…

To protect those sensitive ears, the volume is limited to a maximum of 85db. Memory foam ear cushions give the ultimate comfort no matter how long they’re worn. And the foldable design makes them some of the best travel headphones for kids.

Made to fit small children ages three years and up, the padded headband is adjustable so it can last for years to come. Durable plastic has been used for construction that can withstand everything a toddler throws at it.

Talk to friends and family…

Plugging into devices is done using the 3.5mm audio jack at the end of the soft nylon braided cord. Most devices will have a headphone jack, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and TV screens.

Talk to friends and family over the internet by using the built-in HD microphone located on the braided cord. There is also a multifunction button located near the microphone that can be used to play/pause tracks and answer/finish calls.

Ailihen I35

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Fun and exciting color combinations.
  • Volume limited to 85db to protect kids’ ears.
  • Built-in microphone and multifunction control.


  • Small fit means Mom or Dad can’t borrow them.
  • Multifunction button could accidentally be pressed by small kids.

6 Snug Play+ – Best Fun Design Headphones for Kids

If your kids want some headphones with a really fun pattern and design, then you should consider the Snug Play+ kids headphones. Available in 16 different colors and patterns, you’re kids won’t want to take them off.

Color choices include aqua, blue, gray, pink, purple, or red. Pattern choices are beach, blue camo, llamas, monster trucks, pineapples, princess, robots, space, unicorns, or vroom. As you can see, there’s sure to be something just right for your child.

Keep kids happy…

Keep little heads comfortable with the cushioned headband and ear cups. The headband length is adjustable, too, so the perfect fit can be made on all children’s heads. You can even fold the ear cups in, making them easy to bring on long journeys.

So that young sensitive ears aren’t exposed to damaging sounds, the volume is limited to 93db. Another great feature is the sharing port that lets you connect multiple headphones to one device.

Adult quality sound for kids…

Thanks to the 40mm drivers, kids can enjoy full stereo sound of the highest quality. With a frequency range of 20Hz – 20kHz, all the highs, mids, and lows come through excellent balance and clarity. As a result, these are some of the best sounding headphones for kids available.

To prevent tangles, the cable jacket is made from nylon braiding. This also offers extra protection and will last for many years. Only the highest quality, most durable plastics have been used to withstand clumsy, sticky hands.

Snug Play+

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Massive range of colors and patterns available.
  • Child-friendly design and features.
  • Premium sound quality.


  • Only suitable for smaller children.
  • The cable is detachable and can be pulled out with small hands.

7 Sonitum – Best Classroom Headphones for Kids

We have already shown you a bulk pack of headphones for use in learning environments. These headphones from Sonitum are suitable for both smaller and larger kids, and they will even keep the adults happy too.

They come in a pack of ten, with two of each color in each pack. Colors include red, green, yellow, blue, and black. Although these are some of the best cheap headphones for kids, they have many useful features and are of high-quality.

Features you wouldn’t expect…

For this price, you probably wouldn’t be expecting high-quality stereo sound with noticeable bass. Yet somehow, the Sonitum headphones manage to provide not only this but also noise-reducing technology.

The ear cups are very well cushioned and are surprisingly comfortable, even after wearing them for a long period. The thick metal adjustable band means that they can fit almost any head from children up to adults.

Use almost anywhere…

These are wired headphones and plug into devices using a 3.5mm audio jack. The cord is extra thick and made to last, even with children pulling and twisting on it. Connect easily to any smartphone, tablet, or PC with a headphone port.

Made from extremely durable plastic, the headband can be bent and twisted without snapping. We would advise against doing so on purpose, but it’s good to know that these headphones can take a lot of stress.


Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Highly affordable bulk option.
  • Better than expected sound and build quality.
  • Extra-thick 3.5mm audio cable.


  • No volume limitation for younger children.
  • The cable can tangle easily.

8 GBD Unicorn Cat – Best Novelty Headphones for Kids

For our final product, we thought we would bring you something a little fun. These cute little Unicorn Cat headphones have a flashing horn and ears thanks to the built-in LED lights. These are sure to make your child smile.

Beyond just a novelty set of headphones, you might be surprised at the features available with this great set of headphones from GBD. Lightweight, portable, and with full quality stereo sound, we were impressed.

Feeling flashy…

The flashing lights for the horn and ears can be turned on and off using a switch located behind the right ear. Modes include on, off, and blinking. With these headphones on your child’s head, they will be the envy of all the other children.

To make sure that they fit comfortably and correctly, the headband is completely adjustable. Adding to the comfort is the foam cushioning found under the headband and also located around the ear cups.

Sounds like a winner…

Constructed from durable ABS plastic, these headphones can withstand play from children as young as three years old. The cable length is around 5-foot (152 centimeters), making it easy to connect to any device.

Using the 3.5mm audio jack, you can plug it into any headphone port. Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, PCs, and audio playback devices. Enjoy stereo quality sound through the two 40mm drivers.

GBD Unicorn Cat

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Fun and exciting Unicorn Cat design.
  • Child-friendly features.
  • Compatible with most audio playback devices.


  • Flashing light requires batteries.
  • Not as comfortable as other headphones.

Best Headphones for Kids Buying Guide

Best Headphones for Kids Review

You may not have realized how many fantastic products for kids there are available, especially headphones. There is something for even the youngest child, with some of these products still being suitable for adults.

Choosing the right product isn’t just about what color or pattern your child likes. There are other considerations too. Particularly if your child is younger, and in this buying guide, we will help point you in the right direction.

Limited Volume

As we mentioned at the beginning, children’s ears are very sensitive. They can hear a full range of frequencies and don’t require as much volume as an adult. Once our hearing is damaged, there is no way to repair it, so we must be mindful of this.

Many of the headphones here offer limited volume. They are the LilGadgets, Zamkol, Ailihen, Snug, and the GBD Unicorn Cat headphones. Be aware if your child is younger, some are limited to 85db, while others can reach up to 93db.

Wired vs. Wireless

Kids seem to have a way of making a mess. No matter what they are doing, they always manage to spill, tangle and twist things into all types of positions. So, going wireless will be more expensive initially, but may save you in the long run.

Both the LilGadgets and the Zamkol headphones offer wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The LilGadgets has the older 4.0 technology, while the Zamkol has the latest 5.0 version. The Zamkol also provides a longer battery life.

Hopefully, we have made that final purchase decision a little bit easier for you. If you still don’t know which way to go, then stick around. Next, we reveal what we think are the best kids headphones and why.

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What are the Best Headphones for Kids?

To be the best, they must have great kid-friendly features. They must also be comfortable, offer high-quality sound, and be built tough enough to handle heavy-handed children.

The product we feel that does all of this is the…

Zamkol ZH100

With features like volume limiting and the safety of wireless operation, they are fantastic for kids. The sound quality is beyond expectations. And they use high-quality, comfortable materials for the construction.

These are maybe even too good for the kids, and we want some for ourselves.

So, until next time, happy listening.

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