10 Best Earbuds with Microphone for Phone Calls in 2023 Review

Don’t get us wrong. Huge, phat over-ear headphones are probably the very best equipment for listening to your favorite tracks. Short of jamming your head between two stereo speakers, anyway.

But for a discreet, portable, and lightweight listening experience, it’s buds all the way. Little buds can play your favorite music with great quality, provide soundtracks to videos, and help you make phone calls on the go.

And a common question is, which are the best earbuds with microphones? So, that’s what we’ve decided to find out and have ten great options that are currently available on the market.

Let’s go through them and find the perfect option for you…

10 Best Earbuds with Microphone for Phone Calls in 2023 Review

Top 10 Best Earbuds with Microphone You Should Buy 2023 Reviews

  1. Panasonic ErgoFit – Best Budget Earbuds with Microphone
  2. Turtle Beach Battle Buds – Most Compatible Earbuds with Microphone
  3. Anker Soundcore Life P2 – Best Sweat Proof Earbuds with Microphone
  4. MEE Audio M6 PRO – Best Value for the Money Earbuds with Microphone
  5. 1MORE Quad Driver – Most Durable Earbuds with Microphone
  6. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – Best Wireless Earbuds with Microphone
  7. Jabra Elite Active 75t – Best Workout Earbuds with Microphone
  8. Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro – Best Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphone
  9. Apple AirPods Pro – Best Noise Canceling Earbuds with Microphone
  10. Bose QuietComfort – Best Sounding Earbuds with Microphone

1 Panasonic ErgoFit – Best Budget Earbuds with Microphone

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Matte Black, Metallic Blue, Pink, Red, Silver, Orange, Violet, White, Matte Black/Red, Metallic Red, Metallic Violet, and Rose Gold

Price Point: super-cheap

Fantastic value for the money…

The ErgoFit by Panasonic is what we would call a very good inexpensive headset. It’s wired, and the earbuds fit inside your ear canals. They come with “ultra-soft” silicone tips in three different sizes (small, medium, and large, in case you were wondering) so you can find a decent fit for most any ears.

The ErgoFit name comes from both those soft tips and the angled sound ports. This makes the tips angle out from the buds. So, they fit comfortably in your ears without hitting the fleshy bump that protects your ear canal. That’s called the tragus, by the way. Isn’t it great to learn new things?

Long cable, decent sound…

Inside these little buds are 9mm drivers. That’s big enough to produce a decent sound, but you’re going to find the bass, and the high end of your music limited here. That said, the sound is perfectly okay. After all, we’re talking about the best cheap earbuds with microphone here.

The 3.6-foot cord has a built-in mic with basic controls for volume and play/pause/take calls. It’s compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. When making calls, the other end can hear a fair bit of noise around the caller’s voice, though. So it’s not the clearest mic around.

Panasonic ErgoFit

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Super-duper cheap with decent sound.
  • Comfortable for long-term wear.
  • Extra-long cord.


  • Wimpy bass and high-end.
  • Not water-resistant and not durable.

2 Turtle Beach Battle Buds – Most Compatible Earbuds with Microphone

Available Colors: Black or Blue/White

Price Point: cheap

Coming up in price are the Battle Buds by gaming headset manufacturer Turtle Beach. These guys have made incredible inroads in recent years, cracking the gamer market with some great over-ear headphones. Do their earbuds with a microphone do their brand justice?

Let’s start with the construction…

There’s a lot different here from the ErgoFits we just saw. On the cord is the in-line control for master volume, mute, and multi-function. The headset includes an in-line microphone as well as a bendable and removable microphone.

Are they comfortable?

These buds go into your ear canals and come with three sizes of changeable tips to help you find a good fit. They also feature soft wings or stabilizers that help to keep them snugly in your ears. Again, these come in three different sizes so you can mix and match to find the most comfortable fit for you.

We found that they feel alright for two to three hours of wear and start to feel uncomfortable after that. Serious gamers who normally use over-ear phones can switch between these and over-ear headphones for some relief during long, intense sessions.

Clear communication…

Inside, the earbuds are powered by single 10mm drivers. A bit bigger than the average, these drivers provide a lot more bass than the ErgoFits. Overall sound quality is quite clear, with a sharp mid-range and a clear high end.

Because these are built for interactive gaming, calls sound very good on this headset from both ends. Speech comes across clearly in your ears, while the other end can hear you exceptionally well using the unidirectional plug-in mic. However, the in-line mic lets in a lot more surrounding noise.

Versatile and practical…

Compatibility is where these earbuds shine. They work with Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, as well as iOs and Android devices. As a result, they rank among the best gaming earbuds with microphone at a great price.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Extensive compatibility.
  • Good sound for a great price.
  • Includes a detachable unidirectional microphone.


  • Better for calls than music.
  • The in-line mic is pretty noisy.

3 Anker Soundcore Life P2 – Best Sweat Proof Earbuds with Microphone

Available Colors: Black, White, and Green

Price Point: cheap

Come rain, come shine…

Next, in our review of the Best Earbuds with Microphone, Anker’s Soundcore brand is giving us a set of competitively priced, wireless earbuds. We’re looking at plastic, angled-tip buds. They come with a charging case. And guess what? These microphone earbuds are waterproof. Running in the rain shouldn’t hurt them – they’re submersible!

The buds sit snugly in your ears, thanks to five sizes of ear tips. Just like the ErgoFit, these are angled, so they don’t press against your – what’s it called again? – tragus. They’re quite comfortable to wear, even for a few hours. They’re not all that safe for workouts, however, and may slip out during heavy exertion.

Listen longer…

These earbuds can hold a charge of up to seven hours. They charge from their case, which itself holds a total of 40 hours of charge. Even if your case is way down on charge, you can give these a fast charge for one hour of playtime in only 10 minutes. Making these some of the best fast charging earbuds with microphone on the market.

Sound-wise, we found them a bit middle-of-the-road. The graphene drivers give a decent range of frequencies, from 20Hz-20kHz, and the mid-range is balanced and clear. Highs get a bit tinny here, though, and the bass isn’t noticeably better than the Battle Buds.

Voices are really clear, however. Each bud has two built-in mics that transmit your voice well and the tech to boost and clarify incoming voices.


If you want to wear just one earbud, only the right one can be worn independently. The control buttons on the buds are quite stiff and positioned, so you have to press hard into your ear to use them. We also noticed some audio delay playing videos from smartphones.

Anker Soundcore Life P2

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Very well priced with decent sound.
  • Great longevity and quick charging.


  • Controls can be uncomfortable.
  • Some audio delays can happen with videos.

4 MEE Audio M6 PRO – Best Value for the Money Earbuds with Microphone

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Clear, and Red

Price Point: almost cheap

Mee Audio steps up to plate with their M6 PRO earbuds. Or maybe we should go along and call them “in-ear monitors” (IEMs).

What’s different about these earbuds?

First, the shape and fit is something new. Rather than simply running the wires straight up and plugging the buds into your ear canals, these guys do something different. The cables are designed to run up behind your ears, where they become a stiffer but still flexible wire which hooks over your ears. Then the buds go into your ear canals.

This design is good for passive noise isolation when you have a nice snug fit. They come with six sets of silicone ear tips and one set of Comply brand memory foam ear tips for this purpose. Still, some users may find this set-up a bit uncomfortable.

Tough little buds…

Featuring an IPX5 rating, these buds are some of the best water resistant earbuds with microphone you’ll find at this price. Wear them in the rain, but don’t swim with them. They come with a protective carrying case, clip, and handy ¼-inch adapter. But best of all, they come with two cables. Yep, two!

One is a normal cable, but it can be swapped for a headset cable with a built-in mic and controls for volume and a multi-function button. This in-line mic is good for calls and sounds okay without picking up too much room noise.

Superb sounding…

But the sound of music is what makes these buds stand out. They feature a combination of an ultra-thin driver diaphragm with an aluminum voice coil. You end up with a lot of bass power, which we found could even get too booming at times. But the overall sound is great – really accurate, sharp, and natural.

MEE Audio M6 PRO

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Great price for great sound.
  • Comes with two cables.


  • Bass can boom or echo a bit too much.
  • Over-ear wire design may be uncomfortable for some.

5 1MORE Quad Driver – Most Durable Earbuds with Microphone

Available Colors: Silver/Gray

Price Point: mid-range

By mid-range, we mean these earbuds are double the price of the M6 Pros we just saw. The question is whether they are twice as good. In terms of construction, they just might be.

Their casings are machined aluminum instead of plastic, and the cables are Kevlar-reinforced. Yep, that’s what bullet-proof vests are made from. So, it’s not a stretch to they’re some of the best heavy duty earbuds with microphone on the market.

Are they comfy?

These are shaped just like the Panasonic ErgoFit. They’re angled in, so they don’t press on your tragus (you remember). They come with nine sets of ear tips in different sizes, both foam, and rubber, so you can find just the right fit.

However, be warned that the most comfortable may not give you the best sound quality. Play around to find the best of both worlds. That said, these are some of the most comfortable earbuds with microphone on our list.

Excellent audio…

Sound-wise, these puppies beat Soundcore. “Quad Driver” comes from them having a single dynamic driver and three balanced armatures in each earbud. The armatures each handle part of the mid to high end, giving superb clarity. The bass is strong and meaty without being overpowering. Everything comes across as very clear and balanced here.

Because we’re looking for the best earbuds with microphones, we have to examine the mic here as well. The in-line controls give you volume control and a multi-function button to take a call or stop/start a track. The mic is clear, but unfortunately, picks up a lot of room noise. Here Soundcore has 1More beat.

What’s in the box?

As for goodies, the Quad Driver comes with a leather traveling case, the ear tips we mentioned, ¼-inch and airline adaptors, and a shirt clip. A second detachable cable would be nice, though.

1MORE Quad Driver

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Superb sound at a reasonable price.
  • Durable and comfortable to wear for long periods.


  • The mic can pick up too much background noise.
  • A trade-off of sound quality vs. comfortable fit.

6 Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – Best Wireless Earbuds with Microphone

Available Colors: Mystic Black, Mystic White, Mystic Blue, Mystic Red, and Mystic Bronze

Price Point: mid-range

Beautiful looking…

Coming up in price once again, we get to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live wireless earbuds. These ultra-smooth, glossy plastic earbuds look a bit more like jewelry than tech. But trust us, there’s a lot of tech inside.

Rather than plugging into your ear canals, these buds fit in your ears, truly. The whole casing goes into your ear and sits there, somewhat magically, between the tragus and, you guessed it, the antitragus. Learning all the parts now, right?

First, some bad news…

The fit seems very well researched, but still, some users might find this snug, and this one-size-fits-all can feel uncomfortable. Another downside is that these earbuds are rated at only IPX2, meaning they’re not waterproof or even sweat-proof. But they can withstand some light splashes. Hands-free phone calls in a water fight, anyone?

And now the good news…

These earbuds do have three mics built into each bud, two exterior and one interior, to help you make calls or connect to digital assistants easily. The mic is quite clear and isolates background noise, though not as well at the Soundcore buds we found.

The tech gives these buds a boost. You can load the Galaxy app to pair the earbuds with different devices. You can also control the active noise canceling (ANC) function that we found blocks out just about everything.

It does drain your battery a bit, though. But having said that, these are some of the best ANC earbuds with microphone available. Conversely, you can get a charge of eight hours in the buds and 21 more hours from their charging case if you keep the ANC off.

Paying for the brand more than the sound…

Sound-wise, these are decent. They have big 12mm drivers plus a bass duct to amplify the low end. The bass is strong, but we found the high-end a bit screechy.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Wireless and can carry an 8-hour charge.
  • Active noise cancellation tech on board.


  • In-ear design may be weird for some.
  • Not waterproof like many competitors.

7 Jabra Elite Active 75t – Best Workout Earbuds with Microphone

Available Colors: Mint (green), Copper/Black, Navy, Sienna (pinkish), Gold/Beige, and Gold/Black

Price Point: mid-range

Safe and secure…

Jabra offers up their Elite Active 75t earbuds at the same price point as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live. Let’s compare these two wireless earbuds to see which is the best.

Though both are made with plastic casings, the Galaxy Buds Live is more pricey by far. Both fit in the concha (the space between the tragus and antitragus, of course), and Jabra’s buds feel more secure. They’re coated with a non-slip secure coating to make them stay put.

That makes them some of the best sports earbuds with microphone you can buy. Likewise, the IP55 rating gives them strong dust protection as well as sweat proofing.

Lots of juice…

With the Elite Active, you get up to 5.5 hours of battery time with ANC on and a total of 24 hours, including the charging case. That compares unfavorably with Samsung’s 29 hours. And we found we only got three to four hours on calls off a single charge. Still, getting one hour of battery power on a 15-minute fast charge is pretty good.

And yes, there is active noise cancellation. You can control it by touch or through the Jabra app. This app can also help you set EQ for different songs, artists, or playlists.

Each bud has two mics built in to help you take calls or talk to your digital assistant. However, only the right bud can be worn alone. The left needs the right to connect to.

How do they sound?

The bass is strong but can be overpowering. Highs and mid-tones are crisp but can get a bit hissy. Overall, we weren’t all that impressed with the sound. It’s good and nothing more.

Jabra Elite Active 75t

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Good secure fit for active use.
  • IP55 for sweat and dust ingress protection.


  • Not the best sound quality for this price point.
  • Not the longest-lasting charge.

8 Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro – Best Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphone

Available Colors: Black, Yellow, Cloud Pink, Glacier Blue, Ivory, Lava Red, Moss (green), and Navy

Price Point: high

Next up, in our Best Earbuds with Microphone review, with their flashy style and bass-heavy sound, Beats by Dr. Dre is now well established as a partner with Apple. Let’s see how their Powerbeats pro stack up against other, cheaper brands.

To start, let’s look at the outside…

These plastic shell earbuds come in a plethora of colors with flexible rubberized over-ear hooks for a secure fit needed in heavy workouts and running. They’re not tiny, that’s for sure.

However, the over-ear design and angled ear tips make them comfortable enough to wear and secure for sports. Furthermore, with an IPX4 rating, these earbuds are “sweat and water-resistant for non-watersport activities.” In other words, running and gym, no scuba diving.

Finding a fit…

The buds come with three sizes of tips for a customizable fit, which makes them very comfortable for long periods. A good, snug fit also provides you with passive noise isolation. It helps block out a good deal of your surroundings and lets you focus on your audio.

These buds have a long-running time. They can last up to nine hours on a single charge. The charging case brings the total stored charge to 24. You can also do a lightning-quick 5-minute charge and get an amazing 1.5 hours of playback.

Either bud can be used independently. Mics and volume controls are the same on the left and right buds, and the round “b” button acts as play/pause and track changing control. Of course, voice control can activate Siri for hands-free use of your phone. But these are also compatible with Android devices through the Beats app.

How do they sound?

You get that heavy, powerful bass typical of Beats by Dr. Dre here. There is no wonder why they rank as some of the best bass heavy earbuds with microphone out there.

However, we found that the highs can get tinny and even hissy, while the mid-range is pretty flat. At this price, we had hoped for a better sound.

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Great battery length and quick charge.
  • Left and right buds can be used independently.


  • The sound is only mediocre.
  • Not waterproof.

9 Apple AirPods Pro – Best Noise Canceling Earbuds with Microphone

Available Colors: White

Price Point: high

Superb technology…

Only a smidge more expensive than the Apple-friendly Powerbeats Pro; how does the AirPods Pro compare? We’re looking at plastic shells with stems that hang down from your ears about 1 inch. Three sizes of silicone tips help you customize your fit, but the need for a perfect sound blocking fit isn’t here.

Instead, they have two features to help you with fit and sound quality. The first is “Adaptive EQ” which tunes the music to the unique shape of your ear.

Second, they have active noise cancellation, which can block out most anything around you short of a lawnmower or a jet engine. With the ANC off and Transparency Mode on, you can hear sounds around you for safety, and voices are specifically picked out and clarified.

What about the sound quality?

Sound-wise, each earbud is powered by a custom speaker driver and high dynamic range amplifier. In all, the sound is very similar to the Powerbeats Pro, with powerful bass and high high-end. But here, the mid-range was warmer and more balanced.

These buds are controlled by squeezing the stem of each bud, rather than pressing buttons, for play/pause, skip tracks, etc. Interior and exterior mics on each bud help you take calls and talk to digital assistants.

The mic quality is very good, with very little noise in the calls, even on windy days. Of course, this doesn’t count for very noisy environments, but as a rule, don’t make calls on your earbuds when you’re in the middle of a noisy club!

Nice and isolated…

While they have the same IPX4 rating as the Powerbeats Pro, battery life is far less. You can get up to 4.5 hours on a single charge with the ANC on. The total gets up to 24 hours with the charge stored in the case. But unlike the Powerbeats Pro, this case can be charged on a wireless charging mat.

Apple AirPods Pro

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Wireless charging case.
  • Light and comfortable.
  • Good overall sound and very effective ANC.


  • Getting pricey.
  • Short battery life.

10 Bose QuietComfort – Best Sounding Earbuds with Microphone

Available Colors: Triple Black and Soapstone (white)

Price Point: luxury

Quality but not exactly discreet…

The last earbuds in our review are the QuietComfort earbuds from famed speaker maker Bose. This design features plastic shells and a siliconized inner surface, with a strange wing tip that fits up into the curving cartilage on your ear. The rest of the bud hangs down about an inch from your ear.

But unlike the AirPods Pros, these are large and bulky. At 0.3 ounces each, the QuietComfort Earbuds weigh a lot more than the 0.19 ounce AirPods Pro.

Minor drawbacks…

They feature the same IPX4 rating as our previous two earbuds, making them sweat and light splash resistant but not waterproof. These buds give a decent six hours on a single charge. However, the wireless charging case can only add 12 more hours to that. So overall battery life is low.

Major advantages…

These earbuds have 11 built-in levels of ANC to help block out different types and levels of noise. You can focus on the great sound they provide instead. Very sharp and detailed, with excellent balance in the low, mid, and high ranges. Everything sounds natural and live.

Calls sound very good from both ends. The built-in microphones use software that isolates your voice and blocks out most environmental sounds.

Tap away…

The buds are controlled by tapping, so you do have to learn the different commands for the left and right buds. Unfortunately, though, only the right earbud can be used on its own as the left one needs to connect through the right.

Bose QuietComfort

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Best sound in our review.
  • ANC really does the job to block noise, while the mic picks up only your voice.


  • Expensive.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Only the right bud can be used independently.

Best Earbuds with Microphone Buying Guide

Best Earbuds with Microphone Buying Guide

Everyone needs a great pair of earbuds, whether for making calls, working out, or just working. But how do you know which ones are the best when there are thousands of models to choose from? Never fear – our buyer’s guide is here with the top tips on what to look for in great earbuds.


As a rule of thumb, something under $20 can give you basic good sound, moderate durability, and not much else. Under $50 can get you into the more expensive wireless market with improved sound or some really clear, good quality IEMs.

Moving up, $100-150 should buy you very good sound, whether wired or wireless. This price should also provide you with some decent water resistance and active noise cancellation.

Around $200 should get you all that, plus great connectivity, superior sound, and good long-lasting battery power. For around $300, you should expect superior sound, excellent ANC, great battery life and quick charging, durability, and warranty to boot.


Earbuds can go right into your ear canals or nestle into the concha, that depression in your ear before the ear canal. For some users, ear tips in their ear canals might be uncomfortable, especially for long listening sessions.

However, different-sized tips can help find the best fit. Buds that go into your ear canals can provide a lot of passive noise isolation and also be more secure when you’re active.

Noise Blocking

Putting anything in your ears will block out some noise, but more than that requires great design. Some earbuds use their ear tips to block out noise with a snug fit. This is passive noise isolation. But active noise cancellation is something else entirely.

With ANC, your earbuds listen to the sounds in your environment and play sound waves to precisely cancel them out. So, if you want to completely escape into your audio, whether it be your favorite tracks or a really personal call, ANC is essential.

To Wire or Not to Wire?

It’s a simple question. Wired earbuds have wires. If that bothers you, then wireless earbuds might be the answer. However, wireless means they use Bluetooth, so that can drain the battery on your phone or other devices faster. They also need to be charged.

While most can last for five to ten hours on a single charge and can store a lot more in their charging cases, many people still find charging more of a hassle than wires. It’s really down to taste.

IP Rating

IP stands for ingress protection, and an IP rating gives two numbers. The first tells the level of protection against dust, and the second is against water. An X means there’s no rated protection.

So a rating of IPX7 is high against water – these earbuds can be submerged! But IP55 gives strong protection against dust and is sweat and rainproof. So, think about your usage and what you need your earbuds to put up with.

Looking for Something Else?

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What are the Best Earbuds with Microphone?

This is a tough one because there are so many variables at play. However, for us, the best earbuds with a microphone are the…

MEE Audio’s M6 PRO

The sound quality and terrific price you get are simply unbeatable. Plus you’re looking at a durable pair of earbuds and a swappable cable with a built-in microphone. That is almost unheard of. But with these earbuds, you’ll be hearing plenty.

Until next time happy listening.

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