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Top 10 Best amplifier head in 2021 Comparison Table

Bestseller No. 1
TC Electronic Guitar Amplifier Head (BQ250)
  • 250 Watt portable micro bass head amplifier for stage and studio
Bestseller No. 2
Seymour Duncan PowerStage 700 700W Guitar Amp Head
  • Power: 350 W at 8 Ohms, 700 W at 4 Ohms Level: 0 dB to 47 dB Treble control: +/- 13 dB @6.61 kHz Mid control: +/- 13 dB @712 Hz Bass control: +/- 13 dB @87 Hz Output impedance: 4-8 Ohms Dimensions: 11.5" x 2.2" x 6.9" Weight: 6.3 lbs.
  • The PowerStage 700 is a game-changing product for guitar players who want uncompromising tone in a compact power amp
  • Maybe you love your tube amp but don’t want to lug it around
  • Or you use a modeler that has a ton of functionality but doesn’t sound as good when hooked up to your existing amp or direct to the PA
  • Perhaps you have the ultimate pedalboard and just need a better way of amplifying or running it direct
Bestseller No. 3
EVH 5150III 50S 6L6 Guitar Amplifier
  • Three Channel 50-Watt Head
  • Channels one and two have independent dual concentric gain/volume controls
  • Channel three has independent gain, volume and EQ (low, mid and high) controls
  • Seven JJ ECC83 preamp tubes and two Shuguang 6L6 power tubes
  • Includes 4-Button EVH 1/4" Footswitch. Ch1, CH2, CH3, Effects Loop.
Bestseller No. 4
Orange Amplifiers DA15H Dark Terror 15 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
  • Tube driven FX loop
  • High gain preamp
  • Gig bag
  • It is uncompromisingly brutal, doubtless unhinged, even ferocious
  • The Dark Terror rises from the ethereal depths to fulfil the every desire of the Heavy Metal and Rock guitar players
Bestseller No. 5
Hughes & Kettner GM40DH GrandMeister Deluxe 40 40W Guitar Amplifier Head
  • GM40DH GrandMeister Deluxe 40 40W Guitar Amplifier Head
  • GrandMeister Deluxe 40 combines all-tube tones and smart control features in a supremely playable package! On top of its plethora of amazing sounds, every knob and switch setting on GrandMeister Deluxe 40 can be easily saved, stored and recalled at the touch of a button, and the studio-quality on-board effects settings are saved right along with the gain and EQ knob values
  • Deluxe Tone Technology Can you imagine having instant access to any iconic all-tube guitar sound you can imagine? GrandMeister Deluxe 40 gives you exactly that – a stunning sonic experience and a whole new level of guitar tone quality – thanks to Deluxe Tone Technology, which pairs groundbreaking new circuit design advances with renowned tone-shaping capabilities, all inspired by H&K's flagship TriAmp Mark 3
  • From sparkling vintage clean to throaty crunch, a beefy brown sound and crushing levels of all-out gain, sonic freedom the touch of a button away with GrandMeister Deluxe 40! Save your favorite all-tube tones with the push of a button Saving and recalling your favorite GrandMeister Deluxe 40 sounds is an exercise in convenience with the optional FSM-432 MK III MIDI board, which lets you store up to 128 presets and recall them with the tap of a toe
  • All of the amp’s parameters are saved, including gain, EQ, and all effects settings, giving you a practically inexhaustible library of different sounds
Bestseller No. 6
Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 20 Deluxe Head Black
  • Type: Tube Number of Channels: 2 (Clean, Lead + Boost) Total Power: 20 Watts EQ: 3-band, passive Number of Tubes: 4 Preamp Tubes: 2 x 12AX7 / ECC83 Power Tubes: 2 x EL84 Inputs: 1 x 1/4" Outputs: 1 x 1/4" (speaker), 1 x XLR (Red Box AE DI out) Footswitch I/O: Yes Effects Loop" Yes Height: 6.14" Width: 14.02" Depth: 5.91" Weight: 11.02 lbs Manufacturer Part Number: TM20H<
  • TubeMeister Deluxe 20 takes the best-selling Meister lunchbox amp format to a whole new level, with boutique tube tones inspired by the most-loved channels of Hughes & Kettner’s award-winning TriAmp Mark 3 flagship and a bunch of killer new features to make your job as a guitar player better sounding, easier, and a whole load more fun
  • Whether you Rock on Stage, Play at Home or Record at Night, TubeMeister Deluxe 20 is the ideal amp
  • The real power soak lets you switch between the full 20 Watts of power, 5 Watts, 1 Watt, or even 0 Watts for truly silent recording at any time of day or night
  • TubeMeister Deluxe 20 is the first tube amp ever to offer you a genuine FRFR (full range flat response) amp sound experience
Bestseller No. 7
Line 6 Spider V 240HC MKII
  • NEW Classic Speaker mode for organic sound and feel
  • NEW Artist, Iconic Song, and classic amp presets
  • 200+ amps, cabs, and effects
  • Tuner, metronome, jam-along drum loops, and 60-second looper
  • Built-in wireless receiver works with Line 6 Relay transmitters
SaleBestseller No. 8
TC Electronic Bass Amplifier Head (BAM200)
  • 200 Watt portable micro bass head amplifier for stage and studio
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight design for ultimate portability
  • Cutting-edge Class-D amplifier technology for incredible power and sonic performance
  • TC Electronic Preamplifier design for authentic sound and feel of a tube amp
  • 3-Band EQ section provides ultimate tone shaping control
Bestseller No. 9
Marshall Amps Marshall Origin 50W Combo w FX Loop and Boost (M-ORI50C-U)
  • 50 Watt all valve combo
  • Switchable high, Medium, & low power output section
  • Tilt control - blends bright & normal sounds
  • 12 inch Celestion midnight 60 speaker
  • Footswitchable FX loop & boost. 3 x ECC83 preamp, 2 x EL34 output section
Bestseller No. 10
EVH 5150 III LBXII 15W Tube Head Black
  • "Power: 15W (tube) 1/4-power switch to 3.5W Tubes: four 12AX7 (preamp); two EL84 (power amp) Two channels: clean, crunch Single input Controls: Dual Concentric Gain, 3-band EQ, Dual Concentric Volume, Presence, Resonance Cabinet material: aluminum/steel chassis Footswitch included"
  • "The EVH 5150III LBXII is a 15-watt guitar amp head that packs an extraordinary and powerful punch
  • This 2
  • 0 version of the company's diminutive easy-to-carry aoelunchboxa head features the famous Green and Blue channels, delivering sparkling clean tone and punchy gain to inspire unlimited artistic expression
  • Armed with four ECC83S (12AX7) preamp and two EL84 power tubes, the LBXII also includes dual concentric gain and volume controls for precise and independent control of each channel, as well as shared EQ presence and resonance controls
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Our Best Choice: JOYO Jackman-II (JCM800) BanTamp XL Series Mini Amp Head 20 Watt Pre Amp 2 Channel Hybrid Tube Guitar Amplifier with Bluetooth (Red)

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


Product Description





JOYO JACKMAN-II Mini Amp Head 2 Channel Hybrid Tube Guitar Pre-Amplifier with Bluetooth and Foot-switch, Directly sold by manufacturer JOYO Technology, it’s over decade of brand reputation, We will provide best ever excellent service, much better than any other distributors.

It’s been 2 years since JOYO launched BanTamp series, and received numerous positive feedback, many clients take them along for performance, connecting with JOYO 212/412 cabinets, the little head takes you by storm.
JACKMAN-II BanTamp XL Series optimized the BanTamp series based on customers’ constructive feedback. Retaining the original tones and functions, but features a channel switching foot-switch, 6 knobs–specifically speaking, 2 channels can be controlled independently, have better control over the volume of CLEAN Channel and DISTORTION Channel, adjust their GAIN and TONE independently too!

Amplifier with Bluetooth

Amplifier with Bluetooth


***If you want to use the attached footswitch to switch channels, please first set the CLEAN / OD switch to “CLEAN”

Please do not dissemble or repair this Amp Head by yourself.
Please keep the manual and box for future reference.

Mini Amp Head

Mini Amp Head

The FX loop enables you to put your time based effects (or Phasers, Flangers and Choruses) behind the drive section and keep the effects sharp and not prevent them from being too muddy.
With 2 channels flick the JaCkMan amp to the CLEAN channel and use with your array of guitar pedals. A two channel amp makes a guitar head twice as versatile as alternatives and a makes great companion for musicians at practice or on the road. The JaCkMan will keep it clean and puts everything in place for the drive of your life.
Headphone Out with Built in Cab Speaker Amp Simulation, the amp has a speaker out rated at 8Ω and can also be operated at 16Ω. Careful, the amp is small, but 20 Watts is loud and will deliver a handful, you get the same great tone as you would from a mega amp.


Power Amp
Class D

Amp Power
20W (RMS)

Amp Speaker Out Rated
Minimum 8Ω

AC 110-240V 50/60Hz


Bluetooth Version
BT 4.0

Channel Mode
Clean / OD Dual Channel

Preamp Circuit
Preamp tube 1 x 12A X7

Aux in Function
Bluetooth music playing

Headphone Impedance
Standard 32Ω , Minimum 16Ω

163(L)X 110(W)X 140(H) mm


Package included
1 x Amplifier Head JACKMAN-II, 1 x Channel Switching,1 x Power Adapter, 1 x Audio Cable, 1 x Power Cord,1 x User’s Manual.

JOYO Bantamp Series Hybrid Guitar Amp Heads

JOYO Bantamp Series Hybrid Guitar Amp Heads


The JOYO Bantamp Series are solid state hybrid guitar amp heads. It blends valve and solid state guitar amplifier technology, 2 channels, that come together in a tiny amp head that can produce an immense high wall of sound. Bantamp series are arguably the most feature rich & versatile mini amp heads available in similar products in the US.
Once you start working with this amp, you will soon forget its size and how much you paid for it. It will feel as if you are playing through a much bigger head and your friends just won’t believe where your sound is really coming from.
Bluetooth Connectivity bringing about endless joy, the icing on the cake is the BLUETOOTH connectivity, easily connect with your BLUETOOTH enabled device and play music through the BantamP. This is great to practice with PlayAlongs or to learn songs, playing accompaniment, Looper and enjoy yourself.

The JACKMAN has to fill some giant shoes and it manages to have the same mid-gain drive sound that reacts beautifully to your playing and guitar volume. just like the classic rock monster, the JACKMAN needs a bit of help to push it further.
The JACKMAN also has a CLEAN channel that can take pedals really well, which makes it flexible and a great little companion for many situations where your “big” head is just not sensible. Use a TS-type pedal (like the JOYO Green Legend or Vintage Overdrive) to push it into higher gain territory and hear it sing.
The amp operates with a single 12AX7 tube in the preamp and uses a solid state power amp. the FX loop enables you to put your time based effects (or Phasers, Flangers and Choruses) behind the drive section and keep the effects sharp and not prevent them from being too muddy.
The icing on the cake is the Bluetooth connectivity is great to practice with PlayAlongs or to learn songs. Careful, the amp is small, but loud… its 20 Watts can be quite a handful. If you want to practice quietly, use the built in headphone out with speaker emulation.

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